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Default Re: If you're into your cousin, you just might be a

Originally Posted by fiddy
Shitty taste in women or you live in place full of ugly women...

Hal: You screwed me, man. I had a beautiful, caring, funny, intelligent woman, and you made her disappear!

Mauricio: No, I didn't. I just made Rosemary appear. There's a difference. It's called "reality".

Hal: Hey, if you can see something and hear it and smell it. What keeps it from being real?

Mauricio: Third party perspective? Other people agreeing that its real?

Hal: Okay, let me ask you a question. Whose the all time love of your life?

Mauricio: Wonder Woman.

Hal: Okay, well lets say Wonder Woman falls in love with you, right? Would it bother you if the rest of the world didn't find her attractive?

Mauricio: Not at all. Cause I know they'd be wrong.

Hal: That's what I had with Rosemary! I saw a knockout! I don't care what anybody else saw!

Mauricio: [realizing] Geez, I never thought about it that way. [laughs] Hey, I guess I really did screw you, huh?
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