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Default Re: Reggie Jackson getting plasma injections

Leur has looked good.

One thing young teams do is win at home and lose on the road. That's what the Pistons are doing. Not to mention one of these last two games was against the Clippers who have been red hot to start out this season. Ish Smith is not a starter on a playoff team. The Pistons will without a doubt be better once Reggie gets back. Dre's lack of offense is scary to me. Joel Embiid looks more fluid than he does and he has far less experience. KCP has still been inconsistent. We haven't seen a lot from Johnson (who we all thought would take a big step forward), Harris has been pretty good. So in all yeah this team hasn't been all that impressive in terms of taking another step forward. They look like a team that finishes slightly over .500.
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