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Default Re: Reggie Jackson getting plasma injections

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
I believe Ish Smith will do just fine covering for Reggie - probably will look to facilitate our squad a lot more than Reggie with less of a focus on scoring - so expect big starts to the season for the likes of Harris / Dre / Stanley people who like to be fed the ball (Morris just creates his own O so probably wont effect him!).

However my concern does lie in our lack of depth at the position. I almost think Stanley is the best option to play backup PG minutes, as weird as that sounds,

I think at the end of the season, with Reggie missing this time, probably sets our win/loss record back about 3 or 4 games. Which in the scheme of things, could be the difference between a #3 or #8 seed if we look at last years standings...

It sure would be nice if Brown or Mccallum can give us 15 solid mpg for 20 games. Unlikely, but not impossibe. SVG does tend to get PG production
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