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Default Re: Pat Riley: "No more smiling faces with hidden agendas" (Shots at LBJ)

Originally Posted by r15mohd
once Lebron decided to opt-out on his 5th year with Miami, you had to have some thought that he was on his way out...if you didn't you're the moron, as well. you basically saw how fed-up he was with the team during the Finals, same expressions he gave during his last playoff appearance verse Boston in 2010, when Boston won. he looked drained and fed up of the situation. clear signs he was thinking about leaving.

same scenario with Cleveland before he left in 2010...he refused to restructure mid-year, toured the country for a new home, yet everyone in Cleveland wants us to believe they were played. eff that!!! Cleveland played themselves thinking he was coming back...Lebron was leaving Cleveland since the mid-season, and the only way he was remaining a Cav was IF they won the title that year. if you didn't see those signs prior to the 2010 summer, you're a moron too
How does any of this change the fact that he handled yet another exit like the disloyal egomaniac he is? You can write as may paragraphs of excuses as you want, but in the end, Bron played the team he'd just been on 4 finals runs with, the same way he played the Cavs (just with better PR tactics). Man got Riley to fly out to Vegas and to sit through a whole meeting with him when he'd already written that absurd letter - just admit he's a cunt and move on with your life

I mean, are you really so stupid as to be incapable of recognising why it might be considered rude not to inform a team you shared so much success with, and which was prevented from moving in order to await your decision? The reason they thought Bron was staying was evidently that they thought he wouldn't be the same dick he was to the Cavs to them, and they were wrong. But stop denying he's a dick, christ.
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