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Default Re: Pat Riley: "No more smiling faces with hidden agendas" (Shots at LBJ)

Originally Posted by r15mohd
with a player like Lebron on the team, you gotta hear them out some or at least discuss the possibilities in picking him up. doubt this uncommon with susperstars in any organization and making moves.

same goes for trades and and waivers...pretty sure Lebron would of been totally against Mickey's move to dump Mike Miller last year, however uninvolved and pushed Lebron to questioning his future under the owner and if he's best for his career.

Well that is fine. But then realize that Lebron's interest are not necessarily the same as the Heat or Riley's interest. If you listen to a player. That is on YOU if it does not work out.

Riley gets paid to be the GM and make basketball decisions, not Lebron, or Wade, or Bosh, or Dragic. If Riley thinks G. Dragic's brother should go, then he should go. If Dragic feels that Riley should not have traded his brother and then leaves during FA then so be it.

So good point about Mike Miller.

Everyone, players, owners, GMs, etc. should learn how to look out for No. 1. Lebron made a business decision to come to Miami. He made a business decision to leave Miami.

Riley, if this is directed at Lebron, needs to grow up and get over it.

In 3 years, if Riley had the chance to trade Lebron for Durant, he would do so. And he would probably do it without notice or apology.
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