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Default Re: Pat Riley: "No more smiling faces with hidden agendas" (Shots at LBJ)

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
damn dudes neggin u hard.

I def can't understand how people accepted his comeback to the Cavs, but I think the fit of Cleveland is much better than the Heat was. The Heat had star power and better D, but the way the Cavs are playing... I dunno they might even have better coaching.

I'm never gonna forget the decision or him quitting vs Boston. I'm not gonna forget him quitting on Miami either or the unbelievable scenario of him ditching Cleveland like nothing and coming back as if he never left (and the fans accepting him as if he had been off fighting in a foreign land.)

I USED TO HATE BRON BUT NOW HE'S BACK. I LOVE HIM. Even dudes on this forum. Not trying to call anyone out, but that's some bitchmade shit. If you posted about him and hating him, you need to keep hating him. Even if he's on your team. At the very least, don't embrace him. I can watch the Cavs without embracing Bron. It's just like o that guy, out there throwing passes out of bounds and shit.


it's simple...winning cures all. Lebron's return put the Cavs back on the map, their likely going to the Finals again with him. you can hate Lebron all you want, but if you're a Cavs fan you have no choice but to embrace him and the fact that with him returning, you're once again relevant in the NBA.

everyone sees the flip/flop on Lebron on this board with many posters...those diehard Cavs fans who hated him for leaving might show a tough guy front here, but deep inside they're loving him being a Cav again.

same with Destra here, he hates Lebron now that he's no longer a Heat, even goes as far to say he prefers the Heat now that Lebron is gone and the media attention isn't around anymore. i find it bizarre because you rather no media attention and a lackluster team? or a media attention crazed Heat with Final aspirations every year?

personally, give me the shot at titles with everything involved. no better feeling that being in contention with a shot at another ring than to be on the outside looking in.
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