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Default Re: Best international free agents

Beyond that, as every other year, numerous average European players will actually sign with NBA teams this summer. That's basically how it works now. The NBA will get like 15-20 average role players from Europe every summer. Guys that are role players in Europe and fill a certain need in a team, and that can do the same as a role player in the NBA. That's pretty much by far the type of players in Europe that the NBA targets. For the most part, NBA teams are not interested in the top players in Europe, because they will expect playing time, and will leave if they don't get it.

It's impossible to come up with the names of these types of players, because they are just random guys in various European leagues, that are often nobodies in Europe, and then the NBA signs them for a specific role. That's probably the types of players he is referring to. Guys like, for example, Elliot Williams. An average Euroleague player (and probably not even that good honestly), but a guy that can make an NBA team, playing a certain role, and will be happy about just being there.

Those kinds of American guys like Williams, that go back and forth from NBA and D-League every year, and that play every year in NBA summer league, and just happen to be in Europe at the time. Usually every summer, the NBA signs a whole bunch of those guys, even though they are nothing special at all in Europe.

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