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Default Re: Portland Fires Coach Nate McMillan

McMillan has been a solid coach over the years, but IMO it was time to let him go, so I'm glad they did. Many thanks and best of luck to him.

His fault was that he would only let his team play the way he wants them to play.. he did not utilize some players as well as they could have been because of that. We started playing more uptempo this year, like we should with the roster we had, but it was still clearly Nate's offense. He limits his players to make them fit into the offense. All coaches should, but Nate does it too much. The PG in his system doesn't get many chances to create for himself and we play through the wings and the post. We had good PG's over the years. I hope Felton starts playing well with Nate out.
Just some ramblings.. still stunned by all that has happened to the Blazers today. damn.

Sloan available?
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