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Default Re: Phil Jackson thoughts on Dwight Howard & Lakers

Originally Posted by bladefd
I don't think it was Kupchak. I think Kupchak wanted Phil Jackson. Stephen A Smith on ESPN radio asked Kupchak on the phone last week why they passed up Phil to get D'Antoni. Kupchak didn't say anything for 2 whole awkward seconds and then said "We felt it was the right choice" and then he wouldn't say much else. The break and then the very short reply without even mentioning why D'Antoni was better choice over Phil made me believe that Kupchak did not want D'Antoni OVER Phil Jackson and is still slightly troubled by it.

I don't know if he had an argument with Jimmy Buss, but whatever it may be, he seemed to be careful searching for words that would not damage the Lakers organization image.

If I were a betting man, this is what I would put money on as the most believable scenario
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