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Default Re: The Lakers are BACK...

Originally Posted by ImKobe
Think they are gonna look pretty average to start the season, but with all the guys on the team they should be clicking by mid-season and who knows, they could have a late run to the Playoffs like they did in 2013 if healthy enough.

3 guys that can create offense for themselves and others in the starting line-up, Bass and Hibbert are solid defenders as well. Got at least two guys in Lou Will and Nick Young off the bench who can create their own shot, don't sleep on Black and Kelly, either. Overall they have a middle of the pack roster considering that they have no experience playing together and Russ still being very raw, Kobe's health being uncertain ever game..

Should be an exciting season.
Is this a troll post? In what world do the Lakers have a middle of the pack roster that can make a playoff run? Pass the needle bro.
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