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Default Re: How do you stop this VERY FAT and TALL guy DOMINATING in streetball?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY

Play them HARD and then when they are about to make a post move back the fukk off.

Their force should be miscalibrated.
it's probably the best strategy but even if they're complete boneheads, you can't expect to do this all day, they will catch on eventually. i hate going low on some of the big guys, they fcking love throwing elbows.
the two parks near my house that have good competition are usually full of boneheads who are not strangers to prison, so when you confront one of them for being dirty they will try to fight you 9 times out of 10. couple weeks a go, in the middle of a game 2 guys got in an argument and one of them went to his bag and pulled out a knife. there was children and adults scurrying everywhere. fcking assholes
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