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Default Re: Now that Kobe has decided to be a facilitator, is he better at it than Lebron James?

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
No offense since you're a solid poster IMO, but this is a stupid question. You pointed it out yourself, it's only 3 games. I pointed out that MJ had a 24 game stretch where he averaged 29.3ppg, 8.9rpg, 10.6 apg including recording 10 triple doubles in 11 games, with 7 consecutive. If ISH existed then and I asked 'Is MJ now a better facilitator than Magic?', I would expect to be laughed off the damn internet and with good reason.

Let's be real.

/end thread

the lebron hate is ridiculous. why don't you guys appreciate bron more, now that kobe is finally playing like him, and getting wins playing this way.
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