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Originally Posted by adamcz
It looks like Vlade's best season was his 6th season in 94-95, when he put up 16 (50%)/10.4/4.1 with 2.2 blocks.

Vlade's 2nd year was 11.2 (56%)/8.1/1.1 with 1.5 blocks
Bogut's 12.3/8.8/3.0 is a little better than that, but Vlade was a better shot blocker. It took Vlade until his 4th season to get the assists going like Bogut. His stats that year (12.8/8.9/2.8) are nearly identical to what Bogut did last year.

Great comparison and as close as you can probably get to Andrew - I don't necessarily think that Andrew will be better than Vlade was in his prime, but I think he can sustain what Vlade did during his best year for a longer period of time. I could see Bogut laying down 16/10/4 for 8 years in a row instead of just once. That would be right in line with the other side of my prediction - that he'll be the kind of guy who makes the allstar team during years when Dwight Howard or whoever is injured, and does a lot to help his team win.

I agree with pretty much all of this. Bogut definately has a shot at putting up Divac-like numbers. He has similar scoring and passing abilities, along with Divac's uncanny ability to draw charges. I doubt Bogut will ever reach 2 bpg, but I can see Bogut becoming a very capable defender with his quick feet, great hands, and a willingness to play physical, which will hopefully improve as he matures.
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