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Originally Posted by Bulls_Fan20
While I agree with you on the ranking of the big men, I think Crabbe belongs ahead of Franklin. We were one of the worst 3-point shooting teams in the league this season, and Franklin would not help to improve that. Crabbe can really shoot it, at only 6'6" he has a 6'11" wingspan, hit over 81% of his free throws, and rebounds very well for a guard.

Franklin would definitely fit well in Thib's system except for his poor shooting - we also don't know how well he will transition from a smaller school to the NBA. Looking purely at PPG, he averaged 17 this past season, but his team only played 6 games against ranked opponents, and he averaged just under 11 PPG in them. It's not hard to beat up on the likes of Air Force, Colorado St, and Nevada.....

Yes agreed also, crabbe can really shoot it and he's really good at moving with out the ball which for a young player is very impressive. But I look at it like this.. I don't think crabbe can do this with a wade or Lebron guarding him, or a even a stumpers. Crabbe reminds me of what a rip Hamilton was supposed to be for the bulls. Even tho he is long, he doesn't have that defensive mind set or chip on his shoulder the way Franklin does. We beat teams with out rose this year, even vs the heat, Knicks, pacers etc. we will always win games vs the rest of the nba but we need to beat the heat, pacers, Knicks goin forward. I see us matching up better with Franklin then crabbe vs those teams.

Now this trade rumor with luol that just surfaced is interesting.. All I gotta say is oladipo and that's a potential dynasty if it happens.
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