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Default Re: Gasol on the Market?

If the Bulls made the offer I stated above that would be perfect for a team that needs to rebuild. First you would get a player that is averaging 17.8 points ppg 6.8 rebounds ppg and most importantly he's only in his third year at 21 so his up side is huge! Perhaps he'll be a future all star by how much he's been improving. Next you would get a 6'11" veteran forward in P.J. Brown who has plenty of playoff experience, but what makes him most attractive is his 8.5 million dollar expiring contract. With Tyrus Thomas the Grizzlies would get an athletic promising young player who's potential is sky high while his defense is already evident at this point in his first year. The 2007 first round pick that Memphis would receive would be originally New York's pick, it's sure to be a lottery pick, but somewhere in the top ten is still a possibility. It all depends on how the Knicks continue playing though. No matter what happens with the pick it will be a valuable one because the 07' draft is going to be very deep. Finally, the Grizzlies would receive Chicago's 2009 first round pick, to put the cherry on top of the deal.

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