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Default Re: Gasol on the Market?

Originally Posted by DaveM123
No offense taken. Basketball mecca has nothing to do with it. It's still the same ball and same game in any NBA city. Just trying to put my feet in the players shoes. It must be real hard to play a few games a week in a non "basketball mecca" city and collect a check for thousands of dollars. But whatever that's another story. On a side note, hockey players never complain when they have to play in a non hockey mecca city like "Nashville, Columbus or Carolina". If anything, they like it because nobody knows who they are and they are free to roam around.

I hear ya. Players shouldn't bytch & moan no matter where they play. They make BIG coin for playing a game.

ps. I love Canada. 2nd best people in the world (close 2nd behind Australians, who are just TOO much fun).
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