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Default Re: Blazers after Ben Gordon?

Ok so the question now becomes, are we going to have to move some bench parts in the imediate future. Talking Outlaw, Fernandez, Frye? What if McRoberts developes into what a lot think he will be? A decent post defender and rebounder with a servicable offense? Would you keep Frye or go with McRoberts? Obviously it all depends on if guys accept their roles but I don't know if Outlaw can continue being told that he will be starting at the 3 then Nate starts Martell although Travis outplays him game in and game out. I don't know if Rudy can play second fiddle to Webster, Outlaw, Blake or even Roy if he's coming from Europe and being the best player over there, especially if he believes he's playing better than the majority of the players mentioned. What are we going to do if McRoberts developes and Freeland comes over and becomes a poor mans Dirk Nowitzki? What happens to Blake if Kopponnen (sp?) comes over and outplays him. We can't trade DJ or Westbrook unless they are busts because we know how tenative the trading of newly drafted players are in Portland since the JO deal.
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