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Default Re: A Lakers fan was telling me that they could get LeBron AND Melo in 2014...

Originally Posted by guy
That is much more reasonable and realistic.

No its not. AT ALL.

In order to bring in FAs they would need the lesser of the hold or new contract of existing players to allow bringing in the new players. In this case it would certainly be the new deal. So assuming the new cap is ~60M you would need to get

Kobe, Pau, Bosh, and Deng to take current salaries of 82MM down to less than 44MM. And you would need Hill, who has never been paid really NBA money to take a miniscule deal to play on the bench for a noncompetitive team rather than try to get paid. If he can't come back from the hip thing, maybe. But then you probably wouldn't want him anyways.

So you would need each of them to take ~half of what they were making before. And none of them have said they have any plans on taking ANY less. And the Bulls are in discussions to extend Deng now. If they don't they will likely trade him to a team that will extend him.

Laker fans seem oblivious to the cap and its ramifications because they really haven't had to play under those rules before. But the new rules are entirely designed to make it A) difficult and B) expensive to bring in talent from smaller markets. And its nearly impossible to bring in that many guys because you need to stay under not only the luxury line, or the apron but the actual salary cap. This means LAL would go from the #1 salaried team (by far for years) to ~#20. And would need to squeeze everyone in at that level.
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