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Default Re: A Lakers fan was telling me that they could get LeBron AND Melo in 2014...

Originally Posted by boozehound
no, it doesnt. They have cap holds that add up to another 15 million.
that leaves them ~35 million. Now, yes, they could sign two starting max contracts, but not the personal maxes of lebron and melo. So, they could sign George and say Irving, but not melo and lebron. of course, george is a RFA, so the pacers match any deal.

George and Irving are RFAs and there is a ZERO PERCENT CHANCE they aren't matched. Which means their names should never be brought up again.

So you are leaving 35MM for Kobe's 33MM deal PLUS LeBron who wouldn't play with Kobe at any price, and Melo who had his team pillaged rather than take a FA Max deal rather than a S&T. Its so absurd ESPN should be investigated by the FCC for fueling the fire of this idiotic thought process.
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