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Default Re: Tim Duncan is GAY ??

Duncan, Bosh, I'm not shocked. There was always a sense there that he was VERY different. Couldn't put my finger on it.

There are obviously coded fronts given to the public when you're in the spotlight like that ... it happens all the time in Hollywood as well.

In a homophobic, alpha male world like professional sports and especially in the NBA which is predominantely black, where homosexuality is very frowned upon I could see why he tried to cover up his undercover lifestyle.

To anyone in denial, suggesting his wife is trying to extort him for being private, why do you think Timmy is so intensly private about his life? Obviously he has reasons.

There has been times even in his mannerisms where he seemed to suggest he was different. Not as obvious and flamboyant as say Chris Bosh, who also has a fake / front relationship / business deal with an obvious gold digger.

There was always a sense there that Tim Duncan was very odd, or different. I don't care, he's still a great player. I also still feel he's intensly overrated, too by "basketball enthusiasts."
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