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Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Defensive PG's who struggle on offense...they're called SG's.

A PG is what you do with the ball.

I haven't seen enough of his game, but he can play D. If he can't run an offense, at all, or doesn't do much with the ball...then he's not a PG.

What does everyone else think he is?

Download a couple of his games from last year and compare to last night's. You'll see HUGE growth on offense. Last year the guy couldn't run a play without a turnover. Now he's showing great flashes of court vision and dare I say I feel safe when he handles the ball . He's looking like a real PG out there. You don't rack up 6 assists in like 18 minutes against a great perimeter defense like Memphis if you can't pass.

Last night he was actually the primary ballhandler. Chris Paul let him run the plays while Chris played off the ball. That being said I've been saying all along he should start at SG. He's 6'0" or 6'1" at best but he's 195 pounds, has a 6'8 wingspan and a 40 inch vert. He's incredibly strong. So obviously he plays bigger than he is. Did you notice the way this guy breaks screens like a freaking NFL running back? He has no problem plowing into Marc Gasol to get through the screens.
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