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Originally Posted by wagexslave
I really would like to see Eric Gordon at SG next year, he's really young and built like a beast... kid has legit star potential.

Ditch Frye and draft a legit PF, or sign someone like Humphries.

If you don't draft a PF in the first round (and assuming Grant Hill is off the roster), draft a SF who can drive down the lane, attack the rim, and be a consistent offensive threat without relying on jumpshooting too much. Bench him behind Dudley but let the kid fight Dudley for the starter spot. If he's good enough offensively, I wouldn't mind starting him and letting Dudley settle back into his consistent, high-energy 6th man role.

Just some ideas I had.
eric gordon is a stud, but we still need a #1 option. i honestly wish our FO would get on the phone with magic and get us d12 if they are parting ways.
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