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Originally Posted by Maniak
I'll quickly analyze how I feel about each position right now.

CE - I dig Gortat, but Loepz is a guy I'd prefer as a third stringer.

PF - Markieff is the man. I'm not keen on the idea of drafting two PF's in a row, but I'd like to see one picked up in the second round or something.

SF - Hill is on his way out. I'm not too confident on Dudley's ability to start and would prefer him off the bench. Suns def. need some upgrades here.

SG - Need a player who can just shoot in a variety of ways, and defend above average. The suns don't have that here.

PG - Nash is on his way out, and we'll need a new PG. I'm not entirely sold on Kendall Marshall.

i want the suns to get a scoring sg. someone who can create his own shots. monta ellis is someone who i have in mind, not necessarily his caliber, but that's the type i want
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