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Default Re: Rumor: Heat to open season up against the Bulls and X-Mas Day Game vs the Lakers

whats the point
there is no rivalry,no animosity,no tension,no competitiveness
no nothing
its basically their the lakers with Kone vs the most popular team in the league with LeBron

as much as they try to sell LeBron vs Kobe,it hasnt or will ever happen,or even Heat vs Lakers,Literally nothing there

its basically the two most popular teams against each other
and judging by the way the past has gone
itll be one of the best teams vs the mediocre new lakers
kaman,young nothing to do with mia

been better off selling
chi,bos,bkn,okc,sa,dal,ind vs mia

lac,bos(two tanks,two legendary teams,only rondo vs kobe),NY,Hou,Mem(gasol battle)vs LAL
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