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Originally Posted by TheWINdyCity
really? i mean obviously they changed some mechanics but in terms of overall change fifa 13 didnt do a whole lot

It's very different for me. Graphically, yep it's pretty much identical. But for me, the addition of 'first touch' makes this a completely different game. More challenging too. FIFA 12, it was easy to pass to players as the ball would pretty much be glued to the player's feet that you passed to.

Now, you need to concentrate on the pace of the ball when you pass, making sure you're in control of the ball when you pass, and when you receive.

It's not just the physics though, things like Ultimate Team are better now, more additions such as leagues. I can only recommend to get it and try yourself. It's more challenging, but when you score a great goal after a good buildup of play, it's the most satisfying you'll ever feel when playing a FIFA game.
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