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Default Re: Ray lewis- where do you have him all time?

Originally Posted by JMT
As dominant an all-round LB as I've seen play the game. Older era LB didn't have to do much of anything in pass coverage, and the other category of "greats" tend to be guys who specialized in rushing the passer.

No worse than Top 3 all time at his position. One of the top 10 players of the last 15 years. Sure-fire first ballot HOF.
Sorry disagree MLB did have to play pass coverage but in the older times it was a run orientated league which I think makes it challenging to determine who is the best.

My opinion will vary from others from players I've watched....
Seau, Singletary, Carson, then you have older school Lanier, Nitschke, Butkus, Lambert.

I would put him 4th from where I've seen. Historians may put the older school MLB's in there somewhere. Personally I am only putting him in the top 5 based on longevity and longevity numbers. Their are many aspects of his game I love, sideline to sideline one of the best, instincts, anticipation, studying I think he is fantastic. He isnt a good engaged linebacker and my middle linebacker must be able to shed blocks and he just isnt that good at it he needs road graders to eat up the Oline to do what he does. I put more weight and respect to the older linebackers for their ability to play in the trenches and dropping back. Modern day linebackers are smaller and more finesse type players. Sam Mills was small but one of the best linebackers ever.

I think that leadership stuff is purely BS and overrated. You see the TV stuff dancing, hollering, speeches, etc.... That doesnt mean other players didnt show leadership or inspire their teams just not caught on TV as often because they arent showoffs.

For me he isnt even a consideration for all time greatness but mad respect for longevity. I guess being the best at his position for so long also is great but that speaks to the weakness of the position for so many years.

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