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Default Re: What's with this Drag Queen Epidemic?

Originally Posted by jstern
My comment was a very natural comment.

The thread is about drag queens right? So you being a member of ish, there's a natural connection that other members of ish will make when the topic is in the same family as transsexuals. Do you not agree that in this little world of ish your name is for a lack of a better word synonymous with transsexuals?

It's like that wheelchair guy, if someone makes a thread about people who can't walk, then naturally people are going to make the connection and bring his name up. Simon, or wheels.

And the last time I ever mentioned you was a comment in a multi page thread about you. You being the topic. I only made one comment, and a courtesy reply to someone who quoted my comment. And in my original comment I stood up for you and gave you advice on how to avoid the bullying.

So I basically only bring you up when it heavily fits the topic at hand.

Youíre trying to explain to someone thatís been bullied his whole life that you werenít thinking about him when you first woke up. Itís a wasted effort. His life is a blur. Why bother?
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