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Default Re: What is your criteria for the MVP award?

i liked bleedinpurple's definition. i think it's fair and reasonable and explains why guys like jordan and shaq didn't win it every year (couldn't exceed expectations anymore).

personally i like to look at total production and how important a player is to his team's wins. i'm not as big on total team production / title contention because that has so much to do with team composition. for instance, i don't have any problem with magic winning the mvp in 89 and 90, but i think jordan and barkley had at least as good of seasons and were at least as necessary to their team's winning the 45+ games that they won as magic was to his team winning 55+ (i'm assuming these numbers - could be wrong).

i also think the "who would i most want to build a team around for this one season" is a good question to ask for an mvp pick.

that's clearly not what has been taking place, but it's how i would do it.
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