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Default Re: What is your criteria for the MVP award?

Originally Posted by kidachi
Kobe deserved the MVP this year. last year it was a tie between him and LeBron. as great as Nash is...we all know the MVP didn't belong to him last year.


my criteria for being the MVP:

- 50+ wins

- great stat line

- team is usually shrinking without him

- makes teammates better
I don't think Kobe has ever deserved MVP, especially without Shaq. He has points and stats... yeah. What about his win totals? Lakers have never been a contender since Shaq left. Put up how many wins last year, 42? That's easily not MVP worthy. Not at all. I don't care if you're averaging 35/8/8, if you have 42 wins, you're not an MVP, period. At least 53-55 wins or more to be an MVP in my book. I think people look at the words "Most Valuable Player" too blatantly. It's not entirely the most valuable, or Jordan would be at least a 10x MVP. You have to win, make your teammates better, be a leader, show positive traits as a person, all these things are looked at.

If you average 35 points yet you have barely over 40 wins, you should only be winning the scoring title, not the MVP award. The MVP is for winners, not players with good stats and not many wins, regardless of teammates. Your teammates aren't that good? Then sorry, you won't be winning an MVP anytime soon, unless you can pull out 55+ wins with mediocre teammates then you're possibly a candidate. But averaging 35, scoring 81 and having one of the best offensive seasons in NBA history... while barely winning over 40 games? That's not an MVP, that's a scorer with mediocre teammates.
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