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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

I'd love Fesenko myself, as long as he is nothing mroe than Monroe's backup. His plus/minus was huge for Utah this year. His size and defense down low make it hard to get easy buckets and he's a thug you can use on the top Centers. He doesn't compare to someone like Nene though. However, he reminds me some of Perkins before he got good. I could see him similarly breaking out.

On Jerebko, you are probably right. However, my issue is that I don't see him as a full time starting PF. Depends who the rest of the big rotation is.

I agree on Burks. Best SG in the class and a legit scorer and starer in this league.
You may be right on Thompson, but I am thinking defense,athleticism,shotblocking when I think about our PF. Scoring would be nice too, but its secondary for me.

I don't think Daye is ready to start at SF, at the least he needs to share the spot with a vet. Mcgrady,Prince,Battier, whoever. OTOH, it could be a sort of 3 way split between Daye,Rip and Jerebko I guess. I'd like to have one true SF on the roster though. Summers doesn't cut it.

I'm going to put this next part as gently as possible. ADAM MORRISON WAS TURRIBLE!

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