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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

DD I think you are being a little hard on Thompson first of all. Seems like he has the makings of a top flight starting PF for me.

Jerebko may start at the 4(though start is a term I'd use loosely if that is in fact the case), but ideally he competes with Daye at the 3(and maybe TMac or something) and basically split time at the F spots, providing energy and a matchup edge where its needed.

We need a legit 4 to start next to Monroe. A Monroe/JJ frontcourt isn't going to take you to contention. We need an athletic defender who can not only block shots, but cover ground against the pick and roll and the like. If not a great athlete, he needs to be a strong post presense offensively and defensively.

A guy like Biyombo is a HUGE gamble. No argument here. However, his ceiling, is exactly the player we need. He might not be 100% ideal, but you don't get a chance at a player like him at 7 if he is fully developed, so there is your catch 22.

This is what our board is going to look like to some degree. In some manner, at 7(to 9), we're going to get a solid player. It will depend on not only our preference, but the preference of those in front of us.

Kyrie Irving
Derrick Williams
Enes Kanter
Jan Vessely

I believe at least one if not 2 of the last 4 will go in front of us. Burks and/or Thompson also has a shot to jump our pick if someone needs a SG. Burks shows a lot of potential at this level. Someone could even fall in love with Jimmer, as Ben Gordon, the most similar comparison, went top 5 I believe.
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