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Default Re: List of NBA Free Agent in 2007

He's young.. and just had his best year..17 and 6 ain't bad.. but who knows could be just a case of playing for contract. And he's 25 and prolly has another year or 2 of prme and then age will catch on. remember he's a PG.. age catches on them fater than, say, centres ... unless ofcourse you've got the conditioning of some Steve Nash or Jason Kidd. Still I'd pay him a mid-level contract.. something along the lines of 5-7M a year. .. could go higher or lower depending on the number of years. If's it a 5 year contract . then 5 M a year.. if it's a 3 year on.. more like 6-7 M. It helps him though, that, there's quite a shortage of PGs in the league.. specially the true PG's.
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