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Default Suns 2012/13 season.

Ok. if it happens, we will be looking at

Dragic / Marshall
Wes Johnson / Brown
Beasley / Dudley
Scola / Morris
Gortat / Frye

a team im pretty excited to watch. but this can go either way.
4 of 5 starters for the Suns will be new in the lineup. Chemistry will be an issue.
Dragic knows the system and had played with Scola, imo Dragic will be the catalyst to make the team work.
Wes Johnson and Beasley will want to show something. if that motivates them to play, it will be huge for the Suns.
The polish hammer, not sure now that Nash ain't there to feed him. but he got game.
Morris's development.
Scola is capable in the post, finally having a PF that can do something in the post. but he will be the oldest guy on the team.
wish that Nash could teach Marshall a thing or two like he did with Dragic, not sure if this rook will pan out.
Dudley will be dudley. Frye be Frye, not sure if you want your backup center to camp beyond on the outside.
we just need Brown's to play with his athleticism.

maybe not next season, but this team given time to gel and develop, and see who we can keep and who we can kick, will hopefully be good in coming years. Dragic era begins, i hope it happens
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