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Default Re: MJ Discusses Kobe vs. LeBron -vid

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
how is that?....

No one will ever threaten MJ's legacy....let's be real.....the way he played and the fact that he changed the way athletes were one is going to change that.

IMO....He stands alone in that regard......i also hold Magic and Bird as standing alone in the regard of the way they changed Basketball.....and thier rivalry.

and Kobe is carving out his own Legacy as one of the all time greats....and maybe the greatest Laker ever...

Lebron is doing th same thing.....overcoming all the pressure and playing/Dominating the game.....

I don't think any player will mean more to the game as Magic or Bird.....I don't think any player will capture the imagination as much as MJ did......

I don't think any player loved the game as Much as Kobe does.....and I don't think any player will be as special as LBJ...

but to say any player will be greater then Jordan?...never gonna happen.

we know it, MJ knows it.......all MJ said was he prefered Kobe's style over Lebrons....because Kobe's is Proven as winning more...that is all.
He never said that, he said now who had the better career lebron's his far from over you retard and funny you're accepting MJ is far far from kobe when you atually tried to convince people kobe was possibly the GOAT (Btw kobe isn't currently carving out his legacy unless you mean leading one of the most stacked paper teams to a losing season to miss the playoffs "carving out a legacy")
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