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Default Re: Michael Jordan's Best Moves (by Hanamichi)

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
I was too young to watch Michael Jordan but in that video he reminds me a lot of prime Kobe. Didn't think he can do those moves like Kobe.

Great moves.

The Difference is That Whatever Move Kobe Does Jordan Did it Quicker, Faster, Stronger, More Potent, More Agil, More Hang Time. Jordan was Also A Lot Stronger Physically and a Better Post Player and Mid Range Shooter than Kobe. Kobe Was a Better Better Pure Shooter and Far Range Shooter but Jordan did Everything Else Better. Not to Mention Jordan was a TRUE Defensive Force (thanks to his athletic ability) with a Very Low DRT (Top 10 for acouple of seasons and right there with Big Men) and Top 30 something in DWS...unlike Kobe.

At 5:56 ....Kobe Could Never Make That Acrobatic Move

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