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Default Re: If you're into your cousin, you just might be a

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Muslim here.
Parents are not cousins

And even if they were I wouldn't care. God/Allah makes the rules on who gets to marry who. Not people. He is the Creator, He knows us better than we know ourselves.

Why is every islamophobic kafir (see coin24's and tomtucker's and bignbafan and objectivity posts---always bringing up screwing animals ) OBSESSED with sex, FULL of pride (exactly what have you people achieved to render yourselves superior to others?), and delude themselves with a firm belief that they are somehow so much smarter than people who believe in God (again what intellectual accolades do you people possess and do you honestly think you are leading your life in the optimal way)?

You're really grasping for straws if you think it's islamophobic to be against inbreeding. Truly sad and pathetic. Inbreeding produces low IQ individuals who can't function in the modern world - we don't need these people in western society. We will continue to point this out and continue to point out it's ongoing in muslim countries as there's an obvious connection. It's not islamophobic to make obvious observations.

Didn't you get a medical degree as well?

This isn't about being superior to others at all. Stop trying to cry and play victim.
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