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Default Re: KG for Bledsoe & Butler?

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
As much as I love KG it's weird for both sides. From Celtics POV it's a PG till Rondo is back, long time backup or trade asset in Bledsoe who fits in with their defensive system. Butler though would be an 8 mill a year bench piece and the opposite of what they will want for a rebuild. For the Clippers KG is a huge boost at center but then we have an unhappy, 10 mill a year bench piece. Not to mention KG is 36 or so and will maintain a high level of play t ywars max. I mean he already almost retired last summer.
All good points.

Seems moot to me though, because I don't see KG waiving his no-trade for this deal. Despite the record, he likes playing in Boston.
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