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Default Re: Kevin Durant or T-Mac: The Better Individual Talent?

Originally Posted by pauk
Stop it, stop... I dont give a damn how "smooth" his jumpshot looked when it went in at a lesser and more inconsistant efficiency, T-Mac was not better than Lebron at anything whatsoever... except shotjacking/chucking..

As far as this thread goes i would take Durant any day, T-Mac was somewhat of a better passer, Durant is MUCH more efficient / better shooter and more consistant... defensively pretty much the same, although i like Durants potential on that end aswell

Originally Posted by Dave3
Look I like LeBron as much as the next guy, but there's no doubt Tmac during his best years was a better shooter. The jumper didn't just look better, it went in. In their best respective jump shooting seasons, from 16-23 feet LeBron shot 43 and 40, while Tmac shot 44 in both. From 3, Tmac has had seasons of 39, 36.4 and 35.5. LeBron's best 3 point shooting season came last year at 36 with 2.4 attempts a game. Tmac's 39 came at 6 attempts a game. Even with more than double the volume he converted better percentages from outside.

I like both players, but to try and pass LeBron along as a better jumpshooter than Tmac is just plain wrong.

Objective analysis helps.

pauk is obviously one of the ones who is left with a bitter taste in his mouth when he says "T-Mac".
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