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Default Re: Kevin Durant or T-Mac: The Better Individual Talent?

T-Mac could've been a better player, better than Durant? Probably not. Durant is one of the most effecient and difficult to guard players in the league. Aside from a few years in Orlando T-Mac was never effecient or a consistent shooter.

T-Mac didn't work hard enough on his shooting (look at his FT%), his ball handling, or his conditioning (he prefered to play a slow down style of play even though his skill set and body type were better for an up tempo offense.

Also it isn't clear whether he's more talented than Durant. Durant is bigger, has longer arms, much better hand eye coordination, and a better first step. T-Mac (pre-injury) was faster, stronger, and might have had a higher verticle (allthough Durant get's up). And most importantly Durant is much, much, much more durable, which if you've ever played sports you would know is extremely important.
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