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Originally Posted by RealSkipBayless
TheCorporation frequently challenged MJ supporters and brought out thought provoking discussion. He made users question the value of rings individually and addressed nuances about comparing eras. Also bringing up levels of competition and individual matchups.

Dray n Klay is a legend that would find eye opening stats that this board highly valued. He would put narratives that were simply untrue to bed. Some might feel that Lebron was holding K Love back, but DnK proved otherwise among other things. All of his also information was backed up by stats.

These two each brought something unique to this board that cannot be replaced. It was unfortunate when corrupt mods took them from us.

No he didn't. Wheels wouldn't even get one reply in his threads on those accounts before 3ball replied with a copy/paste of something he had already explained. Wheels had to retire those accounts because they lost their appeal due to being bullied by 3ball facts every time wheels posted on them.
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