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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by dd24
This is interesting....
I saw that this morning too on LA Times and another where Phil was stunned.

Many Lakers fan are stunned.

They didn't even bother negotiate to curb Phil's requests. This is still about anti-Phil.

If this turn out to be another failure experiment and wasted this year or next. Definitely Phil won't be coming back to answer them.

If I were Phil now, I probably take other team offers then Lakers won't be having the last laugh and D'Antoni won't be having smooth sailing either.

I think this experiment will fail again.
7 seconds or less won't work. It didn't work with Carmelo. It probably won't with Kobe too.
If Kobe became Carmelo, what can DAntoni do? Quit again?
Kobe and Nash don't have fresh legs anymore. Even if they could, they probably won't have much energy near the end of the game.
7 seconds or less system could get Nash hurt 7 seconds or less.
Dwight Defensive strength will probably get rusty overtime
You don't have that many sharp shooter on the current roster
DAntoni couldn't handle 1 mega stars, how can he handle 3 more?
DAntoni himself is sensitive to criticism when he should be neutral to it.
If this whole thing fail, they will lose a number amount of Lakers fans.

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