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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

I think i am ok with the Mike D'Antoni signing.

Phil reached and thought the lakers were freaking needy to go to him and Dr Buss B1tch slapped him. I trust Dr Jerry Buss, Mitch & Jim buss(after this summer) more now then last year

Phil Wanted:
Stake in ownership or 10-12 mil
wanted to coach only home games
wanted to have a say in personal moves the lakers were making.

basically Phil wanted Jim/Mitch to hand him the key to the franchise. Which i say Fcuk NO.

Mike D is talking about bringing Nate Mcmilan as his top assistant and planning on retaining Chuck P & Steve Clifford. Which is a good idea

I would like to see this before giving my opinion on this.

I trust in Jerry Buss.
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