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Default Re: The Official "Discuss Jeremy Lin's Performance" Thread

Originally Posted by shoops
I think the follow up question asking about what he meant by 85% was stupid, I mean, not the original "how's the injury."
As for the wanting to play thing, I don't see that as him trying to take credit for that or trying to act like a hero, it's simply his response for what his feelings were at the time, different interpretations perhaps idk... but obviously taking action would've been unrealistic or foolhardy for health and for player value reasons.

He didn't want to play because he wasn't going to risk his health. He should have said "i didn't think i could play". That everyone in the world was said to have told him not to and he wanted to was ridiculous. And note: It's been said by the Knicks beat reporters to be patently false when they asked people about it. Including Ian O Connor who wants Lin to father his children.
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