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Default Re: The Official "Discuss Jeremy Lin's Performance" Thread

Originally Posted by niko
The question was "how are you feeling" because he was our starting pg ,we had a playoff series going with Miami, and our backups sucked donkey dick. How was it a stupid question? He also did not give a stupid answer. The spin later on is extremely stupid.

Note: I have never faulted him for not playing. I defended it. I still think it was ok. But later on when he said he wanted to play but Melo and the front office and everyone else said he shouldn't and he basically lost the argument is when i got annoyed. Basically he wants credit for offering to play even though he did not play. It's bullshit. Excuses. We all know why he didn't play, he was afraid he'd tear up his knee before he got his contract. Melo getting mentioned as a reason was bogus.
I think the follow up question asking about what he meant by 85% was stupid, I mean, not the original "how's the injury."
As for the wanting to play thing, I don't see that as him trying to take credit for that or trying to act like a hero, it's simply his response for what his feelings were at the time, different interpretations perhaps idk... but obviously taking action would've been unrealistic or foolhardy for health and for player value reasons.
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