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Default Re: Official Game Thread: Toronto Raptors @ Cleveland Cavaliers - 7pm EST

just finished watching the game, a few thoughts;

kyrie couldnt hit a thing tonight, but he flashed some really nice passing out there, a really nice dime to varejao to start the game, he finished with 7 assists, but it felt like every one of those assists, he was really creating a look for a teammate, not just swinging the ball to the open man, where he happened to have the last pass. he really created shots for others.

his jumper was disappointing, he couldnt hit a thing, til garbage time. he hit that nice floater off of the glass, thats a great shot for any nba guard to have.

his defense was pretty poor until late in the forth. he showed little effort fighting over screens, and getting back in the play once he had been screened. he made some rookie errors, the steal from derozan in the back court, giving up an offensive rebound to calderon, little things like that.

overall, a bit disappointing, but he showed flashes of his potential out there. he got a lot of attention from the raptors defense.

tristan finished well around the rim, was aggressive attacking the basket, and hustled well on the boards. his pick and roll defense was just ok, for a big with good quickness, he should be doing a better job slowing down guards when hes hedging.

good game from him, but i dont expect him to get as many looks around the rim as he did tonight, every night. he really can get up there though. i dont think he blocked a shot, but he has serious hops, gets off of the floor quick, and has great length, he just couldnt time one tonight. something to watch moving forward though.

varejao played pretty good, cut well off of the ball, hustled really well on the boards, kept a lot of possessions alive, but his defense fell below his very high standards in that department.

sessions was really good, gee was impressive, casspi didnt get a ton of minutes, but he looked just ok. good hustle, but didnt finish that well. jamison chucked away, and despite talking about taking defense more seriously this year, his D was awful. didnt rotate from the weakside, couldnt slow calderon in the pick and roll, didnt communicate well when screened off of the ball.

our D made calderon look like john stockton out there for stretches. jamison, irving were pretty poor on defense. we had to resort to hedging very hard, and trapping eventually, so thats a pretty bad sign, when we struggle to slow down calderon.

overall, not a bad start to the year. like some cavs writer said, varejao, casspi, thompson, and irving will bring a lot of fight and heart, that the cavs lacked last year. irving just ok, showed potential, thompson was better, great hustle, still raw (although he was 6-8 from the free throw line and looked comfortable and confident). im optimistic moving forward.
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