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Default Re: Paul George or Loul Deng

Originally Posted by nathanjizzle
lol typical chicago monkey. thinkin you would be tough because your in the suburbs. come try me ******, i grew up in cicero and moved to the suburbs, thats called progressing unlike your dumb ass and the dumb ****s in your commmunity that dont have the capacity to do so.


I talk to YOU like that because you say foolish stuff like this. Calling blacks monkeys is cowardly and boarderline racist. You get on ISH making backhanded comments about blacks and then act like black people are all bad or all ignorant yet you claim o be a fan of the Bulls, a team with many black players.

My mother moved to the suburbs as well. But my family is still in the City. Most of them because they want to be, some because they can't afford to live elsewhere.

I wouldn't dare go into any suburbs thinking that I run shit, but if the suburb had a lame like you that acts tough on the net calling blacks monkeys, I would LOVE to visit with the guys from Roseland and make you eat your words.

Everyone has the capacity to change for the better, including lame bigoted idiots like you. I'm sorry that being afraid to speak your mind and be a man has failed you in real life resulting in you using these mud slinging tactics on the web. Maybe when your nuts drop you'll be less intimidated by blacks or whatever your issue is.
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