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Default Re: The official jlauber and Wilt Chamberlain thread

Originally Posted by millwad
I don't discredit him, I am writing the truth about him, we always have the same stuff on ISH when new posters join and they see Jlauber's walls of text.

I have been around since about 2001/02 on EZ Board. You know me, I'm Ced.

Personally I think he's nonsense, way too biased and insecure about his love for Wilt and he uses the most worthless sources like eye-witness accounts and youtube and yahoo-comments if it fits his agenda which is hyping up Wilt like crazy.

I called him a homer in the OP. But he gives us a lot of information, that we otherwise might not be privy to, because we wouldn't think to look for it.

You seem to have a clear agenda in this thread, and I appreciate your concerns, I think you are attacking a very useful and informative poster. You should turn your attentions to trolls.
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