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Default Re: The official jlauber and Wilt Chamberlain thread

Originally Posted by millwad
It's not taken out of context, not at all, he changed his mind about Wilt and his era more than 40 years after those games were played. I don't know why you're defending him so much, he's not even a credible poster. He uses the most silly sources just to make Wilt look greater.

He provides statistical evidence and reports that I would never even think to look for. He compiles so much information it truly is mind-boggling.

Just looking at defensive ratings for those historical games, as well as the pace, it's easy to see that defense wasn't as advanced as it is today. Most teams were looking to play a fast break style of basketball after Russell came on the scene.

You're calling jlauber out for changing his opinion? I don't see how he changed his opinion. I think what happened is jlauber commenting on how defense was worse back then due to pace. I think defensive talent was still there, and I don't think he is suggesting that guys like David Robinson are on par with Nate Thurmond defensively.

This is the same guy who used CavaliersFTW mistyped youtube-comment as a source...

We all make mistakes. I don't see how it makes him any less credible.
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