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Default Re: KG isn't mvp on Celtics

KG's impact has been enormous on the defensive end. It's completely changed the way this team approaches that end of the floor. And his energy, which is so high it may have wore thin on the young Wolves, has been infectious.

Allen actually hasn't even played as well as his numbers would indicate, and they're not even that Spectacular. But he is a shooting threat for KG to look to when he's doubled, and he's been a better fit next to Rondo than most SGs would have been, because he still actually has more ballhandling and playmaking skills than most.

And Pierce having a good year is no surprise. He's been stuck as a game finisher on a team who couldn't put him in those spots. It's not news either that Garnett needs someone who can take over in those situations. But it is absolutely his energy, specifically on the defensive end, that's had the biggest impact on this team.
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