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Default Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Okay so.... you guys know I've defended him to a fault. Even prior to him being on the Clippers I loved his game and defended him from people underrating him. That being said what we've seen from him this season is completely unacceptable.

Chris Paul should be BETTER this year with more weapons around him and an offseason with the team. Yet he is worse in every way, literally. Blake has his own problems but in Blake's defense he's barely starting his third season and hasn't had good coaching or big men mentors.

I know Blake is still inexperienced and raw. Chris on the other hand doesn't have that excuse. In his 7th season now, extremely cerebral and intelligent player yet continues to make poor decisions. Somehow came into the season out of shape despite being in impeccable shape just a month or two earlier.

I never thought I'd mention low IQ in a sentence with CP3 but the last few games he's made multiple low IQ plays that had me yelling at the TV "WTF are you doing!?".

Every player is allowed to have bad games but to have relatively low impact in 12 games now? I feel like Bledsoe has a larger positive impact on the team 75 percent of this season so far. Superstars and top 5 players shouldn't be pulling this kind of crap.

Lazy defense, more turnovers than usual, poor shooting compared to last year, looks slow as sh** on offense and can't hit shots. I feel like his idea of creating shots this year is bowling into players and getting called for a charge.
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